cantece muzica usoara – Mihai Traistariu feat Nico – All the time

Text: Laura de Alvare

Videoclipul a adunat de la data publicării până în prezent de vizualizări pe youtube și 2578 vizualizări în siteul nostru.

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Versuri All the time:

Took my time and tried so hard, babe
And I know you were so scared
But if you would just belive me
You would see how much I care.

Always and all the time
You were there and I was gone
But if you would try
Just to give me one more chance.
And if you show me how
I would reach to hold you now
Don't you know at night I cry
It's for you I know I'd die.

Try for once to talk to me
Confort me from all this cold
Maybe now I can believe you
You really know how much I care.


It's for you I know I'd dďe....
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